Zombie Burgers Science Project How-To Part 5: Documenting Results Phase

Alex, host of MisterScienceFair’s Zombie Burgers how-to video series, shows you how to document the results of your science fair project experiment.

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NOTICE: We at MisterScienceFair applaud Alex for his excellent science fair work.  But, please note that we do not want you to have the impression that any of the companies mentioned in this video make harmful products.  Please keep in mind that this is just one experiment done for a middle school science project and does not reflect on the genuine quality of any of the products served by the companies mentioned in this video.   The project is done to demonstrate basic science concepts at the middle and high school level – but there are a number of variables not mentioned which could effect the outcome of this one experiment.  Experimentation using advanced scientific equipment by trained professionals would be required to determine if and what chemical preservatives are present in the meat  products mentioned by Alex.  MisterScienceFair.com does not necessarily endorse any opinions expressed in this video series.