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Bookmark this page, and plan to use it as your primary source of information about various branches of science as well as to learn the basics about charts & graphs & data, biology and physical science terms & classifications, chemical reactions, the periodic table, bacteria & cells, the geologic time scale, and many more resources to help you with your science project.

Math, Statistics and Data

Biology and Life Sciences

Environmental Science

Physical Science

Earth Science


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Math, Statistics and Data

Graphing Tutorial – learn about line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, which type of graph to use, definitions, independent and dependent variable…and more

How to choose which type of graph to use

Survey and Tally Chart

A Circle Graph or Piegraph

Create Charts and Graphs

Learn about data, surveys, measurements, graphs. Using and handling data


Geometry made Simple

Everything from shapes and number types to graphs, grids and units of measure

Analyzing data (observation, polls, tally marks)

Data and Reasearch Statistics from the U.S. Government

Estimation and Problem Solving

Estimation and Place Value

Interpreting Data

Charts and Graphs – advanced

Learn the parts of a Graph

Biology and Life Sciences

Classification – what is classification and how do you group things together

Introduction to Cells and Genetics

Studying Cells Tutorial

Microscope Parts, Slide Preparation and Hints for Microscope Observation

The Visible Human Project

Body Quest – an exploration of the anatomy

A Guided Tour of the Visible Human

The Human Body – an online tour

The Body Zone

Digital Anatomist Project

Virtual Dissections

The DNA Basic and the DNA Files

Textbook of Bacteria

Virtual Museum of Bacteria


Molecular Expressions: Images from Microscopes


Gray’s Anatomy

Environmental Science

National Institute of Environmental Health Science site for Kids

Society of Toxicology

Environmental Diseases from A – Z

Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology

Chemicals and Human Health

Agricultural Research Service – Science 4 Kids

All You Can Eat – info on pesticides and chemicals in food


Chemical Reactions FAQ

All About the Periodic Table

General Chemistry Glossary

Organic Compound Terms and Structures

Physical Chemistry Terms

Chemistry Guide

Physical Sciences

What is Matter – how is matter classified

Mineral Classifications and uses of common minerals

Electric Motors 101

Gravity Gizmos

Inclined Planes, Levers, Pulleys

U.S. Department of Energy resources for Science Fair Projects

Build a simple spectroscope

Accelerator Related Terms

All Physics Equation

Fundamentals Physical Contants

How Light Travels

Reflection of Light

Units Dictionary

Global Climate Maps

Earth Science

Astronomy for kids

Geology for Kids

Earth’s Structure

Earthquakes for Kids

Earthquake Preparedness

Journey to a Black Hole and the Black Hole Encyclopedia

Earth Science World Imagebank

Interactive Geological Time Scale

National Geologic Map Database

Zoom Dinosaurs


National Science Digital Library Science Literacy Maps – science concepts and standards

Introduction to Photosynthesis

Rice Genetic Map

Animal/Insect Education

Sniffy the Virtual Rat

Science Research Guides – Library of Congress


Science and Art Gateway for Educators