Zombie Burgers Final Episode: Making the Presentation Boards & Entering the Fair!

Join Alex in his final episode of the 6-part series “Zombie Burgers!” – a vlog about the process of doing and entering a middle school science fair.  Here Alex researches and formats the information from his science fair, sets up the display and prepares for the big day.  Learn how to print and arrange data for your own boards in this, final episode of Zombie Burgers, and stay tuned for more great vlog series from MisterScienceFair.com.


Zombie Burgers Science Project How-To Part 5: Documenting Results Phase

Alex, host of MisterScienceFair’s Zombie Burgers how-to video series, shows you how to document the results of your science fair project experiment.

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NOTICE: We at MisterScienceFair applaud Alex for his excellent science fair work.  But, please note that we do not want you to have the impression that any of the companies mentioned in this video make harmful products.  Please keep in mind that this is just one experiment done for a middle school science project and does not reflect on the genuine quality of any of the products served by the companies mentioned in this video.   The project is done to demonstrate basic science concepts at the middle and high school level – but there are a number of variables not mentioned which could effect the outcome of this one experiment.  Experimentation using advanced scientific equipment by trained professionals would be required to determine if and what chemical preservatives are present in the meat  products mentioned by Alex.  MisterScienceFair.com does not necessarily endorse any opinions expressed in this video series.

Zombie Burger Science Fair Project Progress – Part 4: Experimentation Phase

Zombie Burger Experimentation Phase:

Alex takes you through more of his science fair project progress in the next episode of his Zombie Burgers science project creation documentary. Watch Alex as he goes to a drive through and orders burgers for his project. Then, watch as Alex does some careful work to separate control and variable groups for his experiment…

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Alex’s Science Fair Project: Zombie Burgers Part 3 – Researching the Subject

In the third MisterScienceFair-exclusive installation of Zombie Burgers, Alex does background research on his science fair project about meat mold.  Since Alex’s project is about preservatives in fast food versus natural meats, there is already some background research on this subject, which he discovers using various web tools.  This vlog episode shows how Alex goes about finding resources for background references which are useful for his science fair project…

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Alex’s Zombie Burgers Vlog is exclusively produced for MisterScienceFair.com!

Zombie Burgers, Part 2 — Doing the Safety Review and Other Paperwork for Your Science Fair

In the last episode, after Alex chose his science fair project topic, he then had to manage all the paperwork, including approval, safety review, and planning out his experiments. This episode is the second installment in MisterScienceFair’s how-to vlog about doing a science fair, hosting and starring our young friend Alex, from Florida. His project studies how much preservatives are in fast food burgers, and why some burgers with lots of chemical additives never get moldy. Does that mean fast food burger meat is not as safe as natural meat?

Read more about Alex’s project and how-to-guide in the first vlog posting here:  Zombie Burgers Part One

Zombie Burgers — Alex’s MisterScienceFair Project Vlog #1 – Making the Hypothesis

Alex, a 7th grader from Florida, takes you on a journey through his entire science fair project, from idea to science fair. Alex heard that there are known cases of real “Zombie Burgers” — fast food burgers which are filled with so much preservatives, that they somehow stayed ‘alive’ well beyond the time they should have been long gone. There’s even a case of a person who has kept a fast food burger for over 12 years out in the open, and there’s no sign of mold or decay after all that time. Alex’s hypothesis is that if you leave out fresh burger meat, ground and cooked at home, then it should be more perishable (able to get moldy, decompose faster). That’s because it is more natural and not full of chemicals. Believe it or not, the fact that it’s more perishable means that it’s fresher meat and actually healthier to eat. Alex wants to prove to people that even if they want to eat burgers (which usually aren’t considered a healthy food), they should try to avoid fast food and eat natural meat, to have the healthiest burgers possible. Join Alex on his science fair adventure, and see his progress, which we will post here and on Youtube, in regular installments!

See Alex’s first video, here:

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