Mr.SF On-Site Speeches/Workshops announces that it is now offering motivational speeches/lectures, workshops and activities at your school, FREE of charge, for a limited time.  It is our goal to get as many students as possible interested in entering a science fair, so we have an inspirational road show, curriculum and associated materials, designed for audiences of all ages.   Perfect for library settings, after school enrichment and formal school settings.

MisterScienceFair FREE Science Fair Workshops In Your Class

Barnas Monteith, of, doing a paleontology experiment workshop with elementary and middle school students in Acton, MA

MisterScienceFair offers three different age appropriate styles of workshop, geared toward elementary, middle and high school students.  MisterScienceFair has designed these lectures to be fun, visual and interactive, to inspire students to want to join science & engineering fairs, and to enter STEM careers.  Unlike other programs out there, we do not charge exorbitant speaking fees, nor do we require the purchase of materials (unless you request a specific activity).  That said, we also have a backlog of speaking engagements, but it is our goal to reach each and every classroom that we can.  We can even do our presentations by Skype or other form of videoconference.

We will also soon be making videos of our classes available on youtube, which you may use freely until we can schedule a live-in-classroom event.

Generally our workshops are held during recess period, or independent study periods, and are comprised of at least 30 students (generally two class minimum) up to several hundred in an auditorium.  We have options ranging from a half hour to 90 minutes, for mixed crowds or specific age ranges.  Our formats range from group discussions with hand-in assessed activities, to big-screen powerpoints with video & audio and Q&A.  We ask that you prepare students in advance with a copy of our e-books and/or printed materials, to make sure that they are ready to be quizzed on the spot, during our discussions.   Optional download & print science fair and scientific method curriculum is available for elementary and middle school students as well.