Science apps for iPhones and iPads

The following iPhone and/or iPad apps are listed by subject area, with free apps listed first in each category, and then are listed by their cost.  While they appear to be useful, makes no recommendation about the quality of any of these apps. Please post below, about any experience you may have with these apps, or to recommend others.

General Science Apps, Reference Tools and Journals
Astronomy, Space Science and Earth Science
Biology and Anatomy
Physics and Engineering

General Science Apps, Reference Tools and Journals

Science Glossary (free) for iPhone and iPad
A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies

PLoS Reader (free) for iPad only
Read the most recent articles from the seven journals published by the Public Library of Science. PLoS Reader features a full-screen, page-turning interface.

Science360 (free) for iPad only
The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Science360 for iPad provides access to science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions.

WolframAlpha ($3.99) for iPhone and iPad
A reference tool for problems in mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, biology, computer science, and more.

Astronomy, Space Science and Earth Science

Planets (free) for iPhone and iPad
3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers

NASA App HD (free) for iPad
Learn about NASA, NASA explorations and astronomy

3D Sun (free) for iPhone and iPad
A 3D view of the sun with a digital reconstruction of satellite images freshly downloaded from NASA’s “STEREO” satellites, orbiting millions of miles away.

NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator (free) for iPhone and iPad
You don’t need a driver’s license, but you still need to buckle up as the LER (Lunar Electric Rover) Simulator gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to support the activities of a functioning Lunar Outpost.

Pocket Universe ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad
Virtual Sky Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD ($1.99) for iPad
The world of space with science and space news, video, photographs and multimedia content.

Ultimate Dinopedia ($4.99) iPad
Dinosaur References by the National Geographic Society

Biology and Anatomy

Molecules (free) for iPhone and iPad
Molecules is an application that allows you to view three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulate them using your fingers. New molecules can be downloaded from the RCSB Protein Data Bank.

Musculoskeletal System – Anatomy Quiz (free) iPhone and iPad
Questions use an image that fades down to reveal a highlighted part, the user then has to name this highlighted part from 4 possible answers. If answered incorrectly – the correct answer will be shown before moving on to the next question.

3D Brain (free) for iPhone and iPad
Rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures of the brain. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research

FINR Brain Atas ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad
Explore the anatomy of the brain and common brain injuries in a 3-dimensional model from the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation.  Detailed descriptions include the function of normal structures, related structures, common injuries to those areas, and resulting deficits due to damage.

Gene Index HD ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad
GeneIndex quickly provides information about genes from various sources.

D. Bones ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad
D. Bones is an app designed for learning the skeletal system in an engaging and motivating way for kids of all ages.

ECGSoure ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad
ECG Criteria is a searchable reference for more than 90 of the most common ECG diagnoses.

Skeleton System Pro III ($2.99) for iPhone and iPad
All about the skeletal system.

The Cardiovascular System Pro ($2.99) for iPhone and iPad
This application covers the heart and the vascular system that supplies the body wall, exterior of the head and neck and the extremities. This application does not cover the vascular system that supplies the viscera (internal organs including brain).

Heart Pro III ($2.99) for iPhone
All about the heart.

Heart Failure Trials ($2.99) for iPhone and iPad
A way to keep up to date with clinical trials in heart failure

Cath Source ($3.99) for iPhone and iPad
An up-to-date medical reference devoted exclusively to cardiac catheterization and angiography.

Frog Dissection ($3.99) for iPad
Dissection of a frog — for those who don’t want to handle the real thing

Muscle System Pro III ($3.99) for iPhones
All about the muscular system.

OnScreen DNA Model ($3.99) for iPad
This App provides you with a DNA model in 3D perspective to play with and to learn the basics of DNA structure. Learn what DNA’s double helix structure looks like in three dimensions and what its constituent parts are, because the key to how DNA works in living organisms is its structure.

Anatomy Atlas ($4.99) for iPhone and iPad
This application is a reference for anyone who studies Anatomy. It not only contains lots of anatomy drawings but also allows the users to create their own reference within touches.


EMD PTE (free) for iPhone and iPad
Periodic table of the element

Physics and Engineering

TinkerBox (free) for iPhone and iPad
If you can imagine it, you can build it with TinkerBox, a physics puzzle game

SimplePhysics (free) for iPhone and iPad
SimplePhysics lets you design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design with a special physics engine.

Exploriments: Weight, Mass and Force of Gravity – Effect of Altitude and Comparison across Multiple Planets (free) for iPad
This interactive App lets you explore the effect of gravity on weight and mass on different planets. You can also explore the effect of altitude on weight and mass and even of depth below the Earth’s surface. Use variety of instruments and free fall of a body to understand the effect of gravity in different scenarios.

Engineering Unit Conversion ($.99) for iPhone and iPad
A comprehensive unit conversion tool specifically designed for engineers, scientists and students.

Seismograph ($.99) for iPhone and iPad
Measure everything that vibrates, shakes or moves…including earthquakes.

Exploriments – Electricity – Simple Circuits in Series, Parallel and Combination ($1.99) for iPad
The app provides a toolkit for understanding and designing circuit arrangements such as series, parallel and combination using batteries, wires, bulbs and a host of fun electrical toys.

Exploriments – Electricity – Ohm’s Law and Resistence of Devices in Electrical Circuits ($1.99) for iPad
This app lets you play with virtual electrical circuits without fear of shocks, shorts or fires. Learn Electricity and about changing circuits, switching batteries, hooking up ammeters and voltmeters

Exploriments – Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation ($1.99) for iPad
This app features five activities designed to give an introduction to Newton’s Law of Gravitation and helps you to understand the mathematical equation for the law of gravitation and how it can be used to calculate different attributes that influence gravitational force between any two bodies in the universe

Exploriments – Electricity – Current and Charge, Measurement of Current in Series and Parallel Electrical Circuits ($2.99) for iPad
This app lets you touch, swipe, flick and move electrical components in and out of circuits, gaining insights in the process. Analogies and ‘learn by doing’ activities with wires, switches, ammeters and more

Exploriments – Electricity – Voltage Measurement in Series and Parallel Electrical Circuits ($2.99) for iPad
This app lets you learn about potential difference, voltage and voltmeter. Compare characteristics of voltage in series and parallel circuits. Use a voltmeter to measure potential difference across one and more devices in a circuit. Understand and verify the cumulative nature of voltage drops in case of devices in series and explore voltage measurement with reference to a base voltage

Exploriments – Electrostatics – Coulomb’s Law ($2.99) for iPad
This App lets you explore the nature of electrostatic interaction between charged particles and uses techniques to convey abstract concepts with the help of imaginary devices such as Forcemeter and Charge Chamber. These devices help visualize and understand Coulomb’s Law and the interaction between charged particles

Exploriments: Fluids  – Archimedes Principle, Buoyancy and Floation ($3.99) for iPad
This App provides a comprehensive, interactive and visual environment for exploring concepts such as volume displacement, buoyant force, apparent weight and flotation, which form the basis of the Archimedes Principle.

Mechanical Engineer ($5.99) for iPhone and iPad
A tool for Mechanical Engineer or engineering students. This app contains over 300 mechanical engineering formulas,


Sage Math (free) for iPhone and iPad
An open source computer algebra system combining many open source components and providing a consistent Python interface. There is an online notebook interface as well as a simplified web interface for quick calculations.

Math Ref ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad
Browse over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples to help you with math, physics, chemistry and more. Use an expanding list of tools such as a unit converter, quadratic solver, and triangle solver to perform common calculations.

Exploriments: Vectors – Addition and Resolution ($1.99) for iPad
Provides an interactive and visual environment to explore vectors. Interactively change magnitude and direction of vectors and see how it affects the resultant vector. Learn about resolution of vectors and explore different techniques of adding two or more vectors.

Exploriments: Linear Motion – Motion Graphs ($1.99) for iPad
This App introduces different motion graphs, including distance-time, speed-time, displacement-time and velocity-time graphs and lets you explore different characteristics of motion such as constant speed versus changing speed, average velocity, relation between speed-time and distance-time graphs and more.

Exploriments: Linear Motion – Linear Motion; Distance and Displacement ($1.99) for iPad
This App lets you explore the difference between distance and displacement through the use of motion graphs and texploriments-linear-motion/id483889194?mt=8rails. It consists of a series of interactive activities including interpretation of motion graphs & trails, calculating distance from displacement and constructing distance-time & displacement-time graphs. Each activity includes exercises that can be repeated many times with varying scenarios.

Exploriments: Linear Motion – Uniform and Non-Uniform Motion ($1.99) for iPad
This App lets you explore uniform motion and compare it with non-uniform motion through use of motion graphs and trails. The app consists of a series of interactive activities including ‘body in uniform and non-uniform motion’ with corresponding trails and real-time rendering of speed-time and distance-time graphs. Each activity includes exercises that can be repeated many times with varying scenarios

Apollonius ($3.99) for iPhone and iPad
This is an Interactive Geometry Software (IGS) which allows you to make geometric constructions (such as those made using a compass and straightedge/ruler) and move their parts using the device’s touchscreen.