The whole reason for conducting a scientific experiment or designing/re-designing something is to find answers to questions, to test theories, or to improve on something that’s been done in the past. Doing science experiments helps us discover more. Even if you’re still in school – a properly conducted and objective experiment may produce useful information for the scientific community as well as for your family, friends and the public. Besides, it’s fun finding out new things!

However, you could have conducted the best experiment in the world or re-designed information you learned, then it’s not helpful or useful for others.

There are several ways to share your information with teachers, family, other students and your science fair judges:

1. Create a display board to visually tell the story of your project

2. Prepare a brief 5-7 minute oral report about your project

3. Present your oral report to science fair judges, which sounds scary but isn’t if you know ahead of time what the judges are looking for.

4. Create a research report which details the steps you took in conducting your experiment or creating your design.