Unveiling “Dinosaur Eggs & Blue Ribbons” at the MA South Shore Regional Science Fair


Barnas & Pat at the South Shore Regional Science Fair

Barnas Monteith, along with Pat Monteith, of Mistersciencefair.com, unveiling the newest version of “Dinosaur Eggs & Blue Ribbons” (DEBR) at the MA South Shore Regional Science Fair, at Bridgewater State University.  This is the very same science fair featured within the book, where Barnas began his science fair winning streak, ultimately ending up with multiple first place International science fair awards.

“Dinosaur Eggs & Blue Ribbons” is a book designed to inspire children to join science fairs, both for the rich adventures and rewards that can be had.  DEBR chronicles Barnas Monteith’s early days as a field paleontologist as well as a science fair participant.

Pat Monteith at Regional Science Fair

Here you see Pat Monteith, who is also a science fair mentor, along with one of her students, Chad, who entered the South Shore Regional Science Fair, with a project about polar bears.  The study uses publicly available data to track long term climate change and its effects on wildlife.

Here you see Barnas, along with another of Pat’s students, focused on a study to help the blind create abstract art via a special tool which is simple to use and yields stunning artwork, similar to Jackson Pollock’s works.

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