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Vist back regularly and stay tuned for an upcoming website with everything you need to know about science fairs, how to come up with ideas, make a project — and even strategies on how to win your local, state or even international science fairs!

It is our goal to provide as much information as possible to you about all kinds of science fairs, for all ages, for FREE!

The site will go live in the coming weeks, so in the meantime, be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter using the contact form below.  We are very concerned about children’s safety and we do not share your emails with any other party – commercial, non profit or otherwise.

As with any site, we have various monthly and ongoing expenses in order to keep Mr.ScienceFair in operation. We appreciate any support you can provide us in our efforts to not only get the site off the ground, but keep it going, and keep it free for everyone. Please donate when possible (link on bottom of page). Thank you.


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